Umeå University

  • Statistical learning and inference for spatiotemporal data
  • Statistical methods for analysis of functional data, and high-dimensional data
  • Signal and image analysis
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Advanced simulations and scenario analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computational intelligence
  • Decision modelling
  • Information structures and ontology
  • Many-valued logic and process modelling

Luleå University of Technology

  • Earth and planetary atmospheres research including modelling and observations
  • Instrument development (in-situ, air and space-borne)
  • Acquisition, processing and interpretation of observations to understand relationships between the atmosphere and the environment
  • Using models to understand the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and the components of the atmosphere (gases, aerosols, clouds) and to apply this knowledge

University of Vaasa

  • Experience in multivariate statistics and machine learning algorithms
  • Measurements and measurement infrastructures
  • Big data analysis
  • Software development
  • Database design and development
  • User-interface expertise
  • Previous experience in creating center of expertise (Nordic Wind Energy Center)
  • Long-term cooperation with industry and municipality partners in the region

Novia University of Applied Sciences

  • Icing measurement technologies
  • Aerodynamic modeling for icing models
  • Ice accretion models
  • Atmospheric sciences
  • Analytical expertise
  • Statistical learning
  • Experience in creating top-quality and relevant competence including services for trade and industry
  • GIS development and visualization

Tampere University*

  • Icing research:
    • Icing wind tunnel, accretion of different ice types (glaze, mixed, rime)
    • Centrifugal ice adhesion testing
    • Anti-icing and icephobic coatings and surfaces
    • Droplet freezing behaviour
    • Understanding of icing phenomena
  • Coating development and production:
    • Surface engineering solutions
    • Surface modifications
    • Novel coatings, materials and tailored surfaces
  • Thermal Spray Center Finland (TSCF), well-equipped thermal spray facilities
  • Materials science and environmental engineering
  • Characterization and testing (coating properties and performance), e.g., wettability, chemistry, topography, wearing and corrosion

Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere were merged on 1 January 2019 into new multidisciplinary foundation-based Tampere University.